Why is it that a great number of cesarean-section infants have under optimal health after birth? It is since there’s a good link between the wellness of our gut bacteria as well as the well-being of ours. Throughout a normal distribution, a new born becomes exposed with bacteria from the mother’s womb and birth canal. This particular event starts off colonization in the infant’s gastrointestinal (GI) area of “good” bacteria. Recent studies have demonstrated that lots of cesarean-section infants have under ideal health after birth. This was since they weren’t subjected to the “good” bacteria in the birth canal of the mothers of theirs and started to be “bacteria-deficient”.

We don’t have a choice with regards to just how we are created, although we will have a choice concerning how we live our lives and what we choose to put inside our bodies. Today we’re exposed to an array of toxins and antibacterial agents which disrupt the health of the gut bacteria of ours without even knowing it. The chlorinated water, very processed foods, smoking and pollution. Each one of these (and more) pose threat to the helpful bacteria in the gut of ours. As a whole, we are today less subjected to bacteria than in previous years. The application of antibacterial products (antibiotics, antibacterial handwashes, etc) have a made biofit probiotic for weight loss (lowest price) a planet which is much cleaner, but not necessarily that far healthier.

In reality, a journal post from the Canadian Medical Association (2013) have linked the interruption of our normal gut flora (the good bacteria in the gut) of ours with many inflammatory and immune-related diseases such as allergy, asthma as well as cancer. The data are jaw-dropping:

The web-link between the integrity of your gut bacteria and your general health is indisputable. These findings resulted in a movement in the subject of medicine and just how doctors treat specific immune related conditions. For instance, the book’ The Brain Maker’ (by Dr. David Perlmutter) cites many cases where many conditions had been successfully addressed via fecal microbata transplant (FMT). FMT is also also known as stool transplant. Sure, it sounds many and crazy people become mentally resistant the moment they hear the name. But it does work. Then what can we do to encourage healthy gut bacteria?

What can I Do?

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